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  • Why Internet dedicated for my event or streaming

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    One of the biggest concerns for customers or event organizers is the provision of the Internet with which they expect their assistants to be able to navigate smoothly and in any application. Also the producers of live broadcasts experience that feeling of insecurity or unrest due to the inevitable interruption that may occur from the streaming they are doing, for thousands of connected users, from anywhere in the world. The http://tvad.me/pair is so far the best! To start talking about solutions we will first define what the dedicated Internet is. It is a connection developed especially for the corporate sector, which is why it is not available in home plans of the main broadband providers due to its high cost of operation and infrastructure.

    The difference between a dedicated Internet channel and traditional broadband is the quality of navigation. The dedicated Internet, regardless of its capacity, guarantees more stable and reliable access, even in difficult geographic environments where there is no fiber optic coverage. The “dedicated link” service is a permanent connection with navigation flow on the Internet, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, without requiring the use of an ADSL telephone line. It is characterized for being of high quality, safe and symmetrical. That is to say that when performing the speed test, it should yield similar numbers in both the download and upload of data and a response ping of a few milliseconds. http://tvad.me/pair, does the best!

    Illustration of the Streaming Colombia service Connectivity with the provision of dedicated channels and / or Internet links for events and streaming.

    Uses of the Internet dedicated

    It is true that in several locations that are available for events or broadcasts can provide the dedicated Internet channel, but not in all cases works or covers all the need of the organizers. Corporate meetings, presentation of business results, congresses, forums, seminars, sports competitions, press conferences, exhibition fairs, networking activities and online purchases, musical and cultural shows require undoubtedly the provision of dedicated Internet. Training and virtual training sessions better known as E-learning, video conferences, webinars and data, voice, video or text transfer prefer secure and stable solutions with the high quality that dedicated wireless links can be offered through http://tvad.me/pair.

    The devices or equipment that intervenes in a dedicated link are and were designed for this (to be dedicated 24 hours). It is technology for industrial use to solve the fixed connectivity requested for special applications that will make a significant consumption of broadband in stable mode. Streaming Colombia Connectivity has provided dedicated Internet links to cover Wi-Fi or wired environments in spaces of 10, 100 or up to 1,000 users in “full” navigation.

    Connectivity for streaming

    The experience that Streaming Colombia has gained over the course of this decade allows transmitting its knowledge to producers who will be asking what is better, if using a wireless or wireline connection to broadcast live to any platform. http://tvad.me/pair recommend always using cable directly to the computer, laptop or tricaster because it is less vulnerable to the interference of wireless signals. It is true that browsing in Wi-Fi networks has improved in recent years with standards such as 802.11n and 802.11ac, which mean improvements that increase wireless performance and reach, the availability of new frequencies and even the reduction of energy consumption, but in spaces or areas where there are too many Wi-Fi networks and hundreds of users making use of them, it can complicate the basic exercise of streaming.

    According to the latest Cisco Global Cloud Index, data center cloud traffic will multiply by 3.3 over the next five years, reaching a total of 19.5 Zettabytes (ZB) per year in 2021, and what does this figure have to do with the streaming ?. Precisely the transmission of live video, social networks and Internet searches are among the cloud applications that consume a high demand for broadband.

    As explained byhttp://tvad.me/pair guide for the broadcast of live events, 99% of internet connections are asymmetric, this means that we have more download speed than upload and for make a streaming transmission, what matters to us is not the download speed, but the upload speed.

    “The upload speed has to be wide enough to be able to get this video signal transmitted properly, for reference, an average connection contracted to an operator and marketed as” 10 megabytes “, since they are 10 megabytes of download, if you ever have 1 upload, a connection sold as “100 megabytes” down, when you get to have 8 megabytes of upload, unless they are “symmetrical”, which, as you can see by the prices , they are much more expensive. ”

    With the massification of fiber optic in Latin America, Internet service operators in countries such as Colombia, Panama or Ecuador, offer these speeds in business and home plans but finally it is left to the producer of a streaming the decision to go or not with this connectivity alternative.

    Our experience in the live transmission of video and audio, now allows us to offer the solution for connectivity in your events. Whether for streaming or Wifi environments, the Internet connectivity provided by Streaming Connectivity , directly and without intermediaries, guarantees an end-to-end service experience for our customers. We assume our commitment from the technical visit to the place of the event, the planning, installation and activation of the service until the monitoring during the same.

    Live broadcasts offer a large number of possibilities to businesses and people. This more direct form of communication can facilitate the dissemination of news of a specific event or even allow direct access to exclusive events for subscribers or contacts.

    We are ready to provide connectivity in areas to these urban areas. Our implementation in equipment includes antenna or grid, tripods, receivers in antennas, category 6 UTP cabling, modems and switchers. We install point-to-point connections with HD-SDI converters both in broadcast and reception to broadcast low latency video signals, for local TV channels or stations, or events that require high quality video and audio delivery.

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