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  • History of SEO and SEO agencies

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    Since SEO is a relatively new arena, it is to be expected that the history of SEO agency will also be similarly brief, even more so as it is a derivative of SEO.

    SEO means search engine optimization, so from the name, it can be deduced that this field of work depends on search engines which themselves only came to existence in the ‘90s. SEO came about as a result of people looking for ways to drive traffic to their site, much like how a restaurant or any other physical business would look to attract customers my letting them know they exist in the first place. An early example of a business owner seeking to attract patronage through the internet was Greg Boser who in 1994 built a website to sell certain fire fighting equipment.

    Other people realised there was a potential market sought to exploit, and the businesses that came up as a result could be described as early SEO agencies. In this early period, the pioneers learnt a lot from and supported each other, much like explorers of old had done. It helped the industry develop that much quicker as they also competed with each other. There are lots of good seo company, in the market at the present time. You just need to find one with your needs and then you should select.

    The term search engine optimization is said to have been made up by David Sullivan, when he was asked to teach the staff of John Audette some tricks of the trade. It remains unclear if that was the first use of the term.

    Brief history of SEO agency

    As noted earlier, individuals saw the potential in SEO and decided to start companies to exploit that potential. Who exactly started the first SEO agency remains unclear, but examples of pioneers include John Audette, Christine Churchill and Danny Sullivan who had started doing what is now called SEO as early as the mid ‘90s and they needed to look for a good seo company.

    At the time search engines were designed to find information based on basic criteria like a few keywords matching the description, a system which could easily be gamed, and it was regularly gamed. This resulted in customers visiting sites that did not really match what they were looking for, but only did on the surface, something that regularly frustrated clients. However, the largest search engines regularly change their algorithm, which has improved and continuously improves the online searching experience. For example, Google is said to change its algorithm over 500 times a year, with major updates coming at a significantly lower rate of less than 10 in two years. This means that manoeuvres that SEO agencies could pull off years ago are impossible without repercussions or outright failure and they have to stay up to date with the happenings in the industry.

    Another noteworthy change that SEO agencies have had to contain with is the use of mobile phones. The increase in the use of mobile phones meant that internet based businesses had to accommodate mobile phone usage and not just PC usage, and SEO was no exception. This resulted in SEO being built in a more mobile friendly manner to stay relevant and good seo company knows that.

    Since internet marketing is like any other (on TV, radio, newspapers …), which works better, you will have more targeted visitors and better sell your product or service. The difference in advertising on television is the price of site optimization and the payment of advertising on TV. Another important difference is that a website that is well optimized for visitors to come across search engines that are looking for the exact product or service you offer and TV ads do not want everyone to look at. The first page on the Google search engine is a guarantee of the success of an internet presentation. The search is the most used thing on the Internet after e-mail. So, this huge potential needs to be exploited.


    Considering that a good place on search engines will make a greater visit, a greater interest in products and services and, therefore, the possibility of greater profits, we can not say that the price is high. Depending on the business you are dealing with, the resources you invest in SEO can return you up to several times and with stable positions, in the long run, SEO can bring a constant profit without the need to invest more funds. You need to find a good service, which gives you good results and if you do that, you will get good results.

    There are other notable aspects in the history of SEO and agencies; however this is a brief introduction.

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