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  • Create your garden

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    Trees, plants, gardens, etc. they constitute small green spaces in our cities that clean the air we breathe, generating oxygen so that we live in a healthy environment; away from pollution. On the other hand, flowers, gardens, etc. they constitute an important aesthetic element that considerably improves the image of our houses, neighborhood communities, urbanizations, etc. contributing to creating an ideal atmosphere to live together. Despite the problems that may arise due to seasonal changes, extreme temperatures, etc. You do not need to give up enjoying a colorful garden full of flowers all year round. Looking for gardening tips, login to!

    Nowadays, a garden adapted to the conditions of modern life is not enough, it must also adapt to the multiple aspects of the new urbanism and, above all, it must be useful, functional and pleasant for us. For a garden to be successful it must consist of different elements such as the lawn, shrubs, flowers, trees, etc. In addition, everything must be unified, that is, there cannot be different diversified centers of interest. This unification will give our garden its personality and a coherent geometry.

    What are the most common services in gardening that are discussed?

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    • The companies of maintenance and care of gardens offer a series of services with which it ensures that all the elements of the garden are in good condition and safe.
    • Placement, control, programming and review of irrigation systems
    • Pruning of plants, shrubs, trees and palm trees
    • Pest control through different pest detection systems that affect trees and plants
    • The subscriber that guarantees healthy and adequate growth of all plants
    • Installation, repair and supervision of artificial grass
    • Mowing the lawn as a perfect example of the gardening service

    Aspects essential in the maintenance of gardens:

    Within the gardening service, it is very common to find some basic common aspects of the care of a garden whether it be a private home, a community, urbanization or other buildings and public places.

    1. Garden service: Eliminate weeds

    The gardening companies offer a system of control and elimination of weeds. Some of the systems that are used to control weeds are the installation of drip irrigation, covering the ground with pine bark or gravel or placing an anti-weed mesh with which to keep the plants at bay for a season. Look more at

    1. Garden service: Subscriber of the garden

    All types of plants need to be fed, especially in late winter and early fall. The fertilizer refers to any element that improves the quality of the soil and is used to nourish the plants. Gardening companies can use well-composted organic fertilizers or slow-release granules. Among the most common types of organic fertilizers: peat, compost, manure, earthworm humus, green manure, guano, bone meal or ash. Chemical fertilizers include simple fertilizers (nitrogenous, phosphate and potassium) and compound fertilizers that have two or more types of nutrients.

    1. Garden services to control pests

    The plants can acquire diseases or parasites and usually depend on the quality of the plants and the light, soil, food and irrigation conditions that are carried out by the gardening companies. A good garden care company has to know how to control pests.

    1. Lawn Care and Maintenance:

    The gardens, especially those in public places, require maintenance to the detail of the lawn. For example, it is important not to let it grow too much and not cut more than a third at a time. The regular bucking of the lawn is very important as it helps to thicken the grass. This refers to the cutting technique that should be little but in a habitual and constant manner. Within the gardening service, it is important to change the direction and the cutting pattern. In turn, it is necessary to provide added nutrients so that growth is optimal. It is advisable to fertilize the lawn every four or five weeks.

    The irrigation must have a frequency that depends on the temperature and humidity of the area itself. It requires that the landscaping company be aware of its status to water it only when necessary. The elimination of weeds and the aeration of the lawn are another procedure that keeps the lawn in good condition.

    1. When to prune trees and shrubs

    It is necessary to prune every year – the ideal time is late winter – but it is very important that the procedure and the cuts made on the tree are correct. Maintenance pruning is done with the objective of cleaning the tree crown with dry branches, twisted or not receiving the necessary light.

    Irrigation systems in the gardening service

    Within the gardening service, it is very important that irrigation is taken into account since it guarantees the care of plants, trees, flowers, and shrubs. Experts have ensured that the best hours to water the garden are those of sunrise or sunset as the water evaporates more slowly. Another aspect that must be taken into account within the gardening service is the irrigation system that we want to have in our garden and that guarantees good care

    Steps to create a garden by

    • Establish a list of everything that needs to be planned in our garden.
    • Examine what material elements are available to us to build the garden.
    • Know the outer limits of our property, to know the land that we have.
    • Examine what the plantation and sowing program will be.
    • Make a close-up (sketch) of our garden.
    • Construction of walls, walls, installation of irrigation networks and power supply, placement of ponds, fountains or pool.
    • Prepare the soil surface needed to plant the lawn (10 to 30 cm depending on the terrain). Carry out earth movements with shovel and wheelbarrow.
    • Creation of the massifs of perennial, annual plants and grass.
    • Finishing work, placement of accessories in our garden.
    • Examine what the garden maintenance program that is at
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